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Hi friends, I'm Hibiki. I'm a competitive One Piece Card Game player who has already spent hundreds of hours playing & theory crafting for the game. You can find gameplay videos and guides on my YouTube channel that I run together with my partner: I plan on attending as many tournaments as I can for the game after the official release and hunt all those sweet Winner promo cards! I've been coaching for a couple o... Read more

Testimonials (10)

  • “Great Communication, Organized, and Knowledgeable! Very very professional!”


  • “Had a great session practicing games against a variety of matchups. Great feedback on the different gameplay elements such as attacking power and board state.”


  • “Hibiki is an excellent coach! Each session has a clear agenda, tailored to your needs. If you're on the fence, this is your sign. You won't be disappointed!”

    Peter Bui

  • “Had a great time with Hibiki during my Training Plan! He treated me like an equal and makes you feel like a worthy opponent. 4 hours wasn't enough!”


  • “Excellent experience! Hibiki was extremely clear and addressed the topics for which I requested further insights. Very kind and helpful. Highly recommended!”


  • “Hibiki is an amazing and excellent coach! I had so many questions when our session first started, however, by the time we finished I could no longer think of anything else to ask regarding the game! He is extremely knowledgable of the game and easily put my worries to rest. Not only does he take the time to explain why something does or doesn't work but he will help optimize your decision making in game.”

    Patrick Calilung

  • “In my session with Hibiki, he was proactive in offering what aspects of the game we could look into and suggesting what would be the best way to conduct his lesson. I'm so impressed by not only his knowledge in the game meta, but also his coaching ability. All his teaching 'tools' were readily at hand, with references, screenshots, decks, deck builders already set up. He was able to translate his thinking process to me, and I really value that as I was struggling with decision making like when to counter attacks or how to adjust playstyles against varying matchups. In the end, he gave me suggestions on how to play 2 specific decks, excited to get started practicing! All in all, I would definitely come back again for coaching with Hibiki!”


  • “Being new to TCGs I took it upon myself to request a coaching session from Hibiki. The session was fantastic and Hibiki was both knowledgeable and accommodating to my experience level. After we went over fundementals, gameplan and match-up advice, I feel more than confident that I will not only do better but will see Growth quickly. I absolutely recommend their coaching.”


  • “I chose to take Hibiki's event prep training session. Overall I think the training session with went great. We started by building a deck from scratch that I really liked. He was very knowledgeable in the game and I could feel his enthusiasm of it. I learned so much from him in such a short time. Things I never would have on my own and basically how to just play a better game in general. His instructions were clear and easy to follow. During our practice rounds, he was attentive and had no problem pointing out weaknesses in the way I played. That was the part of the training I was looking for help with the most in. He made himself available to best accommodate my schedule and was always available to answer any question even after the session times. He's a good content creator and his videos have also been a resource for me. I don't think I would have done as well in the event I went to without help so once again, Thank you Hibiki!”


  • “I was hype to get coaching from him.Hes a amazing teacher if you want teaching for one piece tcg go to hibiki ,i have a lot more to say but I can't fit it in”


  • Available 4:00 PM Monday
  • Live Sessions starting at $14.5
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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One Piece Card Game

One Piece Card Game

3 lessons

Live sessions

My coaching sessions are held on Discord call (or text if you prefer that). The goal of this type of session is to help you improve at specific aspects of the game, tailored to your individual needs. Potential topics include deckbuilding, sequencing, crafting gameplans and more. If you want to improve your gameplay in general, then this is the lesson to pick. Don't forget the... Read more
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