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My name is HyperDrived and I am a professional coach for Team Kungarna. I am also Twitch Streamer and Content Creator who makes Coaching style content. I have been playing Fortnite since the first week, and was one of the first players to ever go pro. I have a ton of experience in the game, and if you want to get a leg up over the competition, I’m the guy to get you there. Here’s a list of my experience… Coached Nak to 2nd in PlayVS Finals West... Read more

  • Available 2:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $10

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Live sessions

I will coach you live during FNCS, cash cups, or any other tournament, to make sure you achieve success. I will be your eyes and ears, making sure you know every bit of information necessary. In this session, I will - Tell you where to rotate to make sure you have good positioning without wasting materials or health - Call out your materials late game, and storm rotates - Ensu... Read more


$30.00 USD