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I am known as being one of, if not the best, Elise junglers in the world. I can however play many jungles, and more importantly, teach people how to learn and grow as a jungler, regardless of their champion. Feel free to check out my twitch at www.twitch.tv/imissedmyq to get to know me. Please DM on discord with any questions. IMissedMyQ#8471

Testimonials (5)

  • “He is very effective in making you think through your decision-making and the best play. Excellent feedback ensuring you're prepared with the right tools”


  • “Awesome session gave me several big insights on my builds, matchups and jungle pathing.”


  • “awesome coaching, and very helpful and experienced. helped me point out some mistakes i wasn't aware i was making and how to do things differently!”


  • “IMissedMyQ is a superb coach; with loads of insight, tips and challenging my decisions to make better players, I will continue coaching with Imissedmyq.”


  • “Ben vod reviewed a game I should have lost and pointed out what I should have done differently without being over critical. Very friendly and concise. 10/10”


  • Available 1:00 AM Friday
  • Live Sessions starting at $45
  • moderate Cancelation Policy

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League of Legends

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I will select a recent game of yours for us to review (don't worry about having a recording ready I will take care of that). We will then go over the game step by step focusing mainly on your decision making and critical thinking within the game (among other things ofcourse). I find that this will allow you to not only improve from the coaching, but give you the skills needed ... Read more
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