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Top 3 in Europe for 7 years, top 5 in Europe 2022, top 3 in world doubles and in Europe for 2022 as well as top 100 consistently on MGPR - peaking at top 20. My coaching style depends on you. I believe that everyone has different ways of interpreting and expanding their current knowledge and concepts of Melee. My talent lies in identifying your particular needs and then developing a strategy to work with it in a progressive manner that will be... Read more

  • Available 9:00 AM Wednesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $40

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Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee

5 lessons

Live sessions

1:1 live session we can talk about your current skilllevel and the things that you perceive as your bigest roadblocks right now if you have a hardtime figuring out what you should focus on next I will tell you.


$40.00 USD

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