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Thanks for stopping by! I'm the upcoming SoCal Marth who's recently become relatively known for some fairly unique, creative, and extremely explosive advantage combo strings. Ever since October 2021 when I began actively competing in my region with solo Marth, I've had multiple set wins over strong players like T3Dom, Mastamario, Razo, Cyro, Ketchup, Cless, Peckham, Rockman, and more of the SoCal PR -- qualifying for top 10 myself in the process.... Read more

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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I’ll coach whatever you wish at any preferred pace! You can dedicate this to improving at specific particulars in mind (such as landing, defensive option selection, advantage choices), or we can focus on playing while pointing out any micro and macro improvements you can make in your gameplay with all the tips and advice I have available. You can choose if you want me going in-... Read more
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