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I am an Immortal and Collegiate Esports Valorant player with around 40,000 followers. I make guides on all kind of Valorant agents such as Jett, Cypher, Killjoy, and more over on my Youtube and Tiktok pages! I have countless 10,000 hours+ of fps experience, and have been playing in the top 1% highly competitive level of a few different games. My achievements include being a Finalist in the Collegiate ECC Valorant Fall 2022 League, reaching top 20... Read more

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  • “To put it in perspective Max is a patient coach who values your time. He will dissect information, and use it to help you become the player you wanna become.”


  • Available 4:00 PM Friday
  • Live Sessions starting at $13.5
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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In this we can do VOD reviews, live gameplay review, and also go into custom games and discuss a variety of helpful things to improve your gameplay.
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