Hello, I am Jag, I have been playing pokemon since 2015, and LoR since the beta during 2019. I have developed a grand fondness for both of these games and wish to share that fire to all of my pupils! Throughout my years I have steadily made myself a name to be remembered in both scenes, online and offline. My consistent appearance at the top of ladder, the top of tourney standings, and the top of team draft leagues, and as a result have been approached for help with teams and advice from players of all skill levels. This has pushed me towards coaching, where I will teach you what I have learned and help you apply skills to make you just as consistent! I have to address the elephant in the room, I am known for doing all these things with the weirdest of teams. Yes, I used umbreon for almost 14 months in the sword and shield era, winning me CP and top finishes in tournaments. Yes, I actively use Swain Braum in LoR and it, despite being untiered, has carried me in seasonals and laddering. I believe the team/deckbuilding aspects at the core of these two games is what makes them special, and I know many others want to express that too! So one thing I will focus on coaching is for unmeta concepts and making them into powerhouses that will shake things up! It is not a requirement, nor a guarantee, but I will work hard with you to make it work! However, at the end of the day, I am here to help you learn, and regardless of skill and age, I will guide you on the path to improvement, gathering good habits and skills in the builder and the battlefield. And of course, remind you to have fun!

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