Jamboo is a FIFA veteran and has been playing at the highest level for years going up against the best players in the world. Jamboo had his best performance at the ePremier league when he lost the semifinals against Tekkz, in what Tekkz said was the toughest game of the tournament! Jamboo consistently gets 20-0 in the Weekend League, but doesn't compete at the highest level anymore as he switched his focus to help upcoming players as a private coach and as a full time coach with Metafy.


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Skill Moves FIFA 22
6 Episodess 16m

Skill moves are the most fun aspect of FIFA so it's beyond important that you know which ones are the best if you want to style on your opponents and create scoring opportunities.

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If you have no clue which players are the best to use in FIFA 22 then you have no shot of making it on the big stage. Which is why Jamboo has masterfully created the BEST META PLAYERS class to give you all the greatest options when it comes to all budgets.

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How To Finish In FIFA22
5 Episodess 16m

In this class, Jamboo will show you what are the best shots to take when trying to finish. Different shots are used in different scenarios and it's CRUCIAL that you know how to spot the differences.

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Live Stage with a PRO
3 Episodess 2h 56m

This class contains the new gamerzclass podcast. Meet a pro player and get chances to ask questions & get a better insight into their lives as professional gamers.

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Division Analysis Class
14 Episodess 3h

In this beautifully crafted FIFA 22 masterclass, superstar coach Jamboo goes through gameplay from every single division from 10 to the elite of the elite. You'll be learning what is being done wrong in each league and in no time you will go from complete beginner to godlike FIFA player.

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6 Episodess 34m

One of UK's finest FIFA players is here to give you the best and most optimal Formations & custom tactics to use in FIFA 22. Get the right players in the right formation to make the most out of them and start outplaying your opponents at every level.

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Being a godlike defender is great but if you can't score you can't win. Jamboo is a Top100 beastly player from the UK who will teach you how to become the ultimate scorer & get more goals than you can imagine every match. Master each shot & start winning in styling fashion.

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Skill Moves
12 Episodess 21m

This is a FIFA21 Skill Moves class. A class regarding the skill moves from basic to advanced skill moves.

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5 Episodess 9m

This is a FIFA21 Formation class. A class on formations, their strengths, weaknesses, tactics & instructions.

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8 Episodess 14m

This is a FIFA21 Defending class. All videos regarding defending are featured within this class from the basic mechanics to advanced.

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Player Attributes
10 Episodess 23m

This is the FIFA21 player attribute class. This class is going in-depth with individual stats and key stats for your players on your team.

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Shooting class
8 Episodess 26m

This is a FIFA21 Shooting class. All videos on GamerzClass regarding the shooting are featured within this class, from the basic mechanics to advanced decision making.

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Jamboo Teaches Pro Fifa 21
19 Episodess 2h 38m

Become an ultimate scorer with Jamboo’s FIFA 21 masterclass. Learn how to play FIFA at the highest level from one of the UK's finest players. Start playing your best game every game and maintain that level of consistency that makes PRO players stand out from amateurs and dominate your weekend leagues week after week.

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