Hello, my name is James Cox, I have been competing in the Pokemon Trading Card Game since 2017, and have been at the highest level of the game since 2018, where I attended my first world championships. In that time I was in the senior division, where in my time in that Division I collected 2 regional wins, and multiple special event wins, before getting top 8 at the world championships in 2019. In my first season as a Master I aquired 3 top 16 regional finishes, and a top 8 regional finish, and got the result required for points at every international championship. Following this I recently was a Semi-Finalist at the World Championship!! I believe my long history and experience in multiple divisions and aspects of the game means that my coaching will be very applicable to any student looking to have a coaching sessions with me, and as I have come up in more recent years than other coaches, I am aware of the learning curve required to be successful in the Pokemon TCG.

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Pokemon TCG Replay Review

I'll give advice and tips and point out any mistakes I see in your game

1 Session 1 hour
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Pokemon TCG Coaching

Live coaching sessions will be held on PTCG live or using limitless' tabletop simulator, and will focus on deck building, decision making and other ways to improve your knowledge of the Pokemon Trading Card Game!

1 Session 1 hour

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