I've done everything to improve at Brawlhalla and have an immense amount of game knowledge. If you are trying to improve I can guide you and supply you with all the info you need.

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1v1 30 min coaching

Will help you with fundamentals and look at your gameplay. I usually give quite a lot of notes because it's easy for me to pinpoint what you need to work on to improve. 30 mins of coaching will certainly help if youre working on getting to diamond or around 2200, but if you are higher than that I would definitely recommend longer sessions to truly become a beast.

1 Session 30 mins
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1v1 EXTENDED coaching

I really like coaching for 2+ hours. You will FOR SURE improve. I recommend this if you really want to improve and get a pro player perspective on the game.

1 Session 2 hours
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1v1 Standard Coaching

Trust me I got you. I went from noob to 3-0 sandstorm I can help you improve. I am literally the best there is when it comes to helping someone ascend. I just did it. I understand the fundamentals of the game and I'll teach you how to play. B)

1 Session 1 hour

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