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My name is Jayhun. I am a professional VALORANT coach that has helped over 350+ students and also dabble into content creation. I am a solo que multi-episode Immortal 3 player that specializes in Jett/Duelists. I love being able to teach people the things that took me years to learn, and seeing my students progress puts a smile on my face! Your goal is to climb, my goal is to HELP YOU climb! Here is a link to my coaching discord to know more ab... Read more

Testimonials (4)

  • “Jayhun helped me finding my mistakes and helped me to get better. He was really kind in the coaching it was a good experience!”


  • “Jayhun was an amazing coach. He taught me what angles I should be holding and how. My ability problems and how I envisioned the enemy teams plan.Iplantoasession”


  • “Jayhun is a good coach. I think his advice was helpful, especially if applied to the same map & agent. I would recommend his live vod reviews.”


  • “He gave a lot of good feedback based around my utility usage, buying priorities, and playing to my advantages”


  • Available 8:30 PM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $10

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**RECOMMENDED** within one hour, I can watch you play a LIVE game, or a VOD review, and we can go over the game and have a plan CUSTOM MADE for you for GUARANTEED and QUICK SUCCESS.
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