I'm Jeebs, a 21 year old CS:GO Coach from the United States. I am currently the Assistant Coach and Analyst for Project G in Europe. We are a newly formed team currently using Lekr0, ztr, xfl0ud, mwlky and Dragon. We are currently #81 in the world after playing our first few officials. When I began playing CS:GO at a competitive level, I started as an IGL. I called for around 8 ESEA Seasons before starting to coach in September 2021. I have since coached the last 8 seasons. I have coached from ESEA Open to ESL Challenger League and have experience at every ESEA division offered. My style of coaching has since involved into strategy related coaching. I primarily help my team and IGL stay on top of the current metas and adapt our playbook to fit our teams playstyle. While Strategic Coaching and Demo Analysis are my specialties, I am able to offer direct individual feedback or feedback for any specific request you might have. The sessions I offer are primarily targeted towards teams. I will analyze the demos sent in and give feedback and additional Theory for the appropriate level of the team.

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