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I'm Jesper Eriksen. I've played the Pokémon TCG for more than 14 years. I'm a former World Champion, many time Regional Champion and National Champion. I'll be there to walk you through how to take your game to the next level and help you towards your goals in the Pokémon TCG! Currently a sponsored player for LimitlessTCG

Testimonials (11)

  • “Jesper helped me through the season and now I have a regional win!”

  • “Jesper is clearly very knowledgeable and so far I've been learning a lot! Will continue to look forward to our sessions!”

    Tony Hoang

  • “Jespy is an incredibly supportive coach willing to go extra mile for his students to make them successful. He takes each student’s needs to heart.”


  • “I’m very happy for my Son find a couch like Jespy ☺️”

  • “Jesper was super helpful and insightful with the introduction session and gave good detailed information about what his coaching entails. Highly recommend!”


  • “My experience with Jesper was incredible. Jesper’s immense detail for deck building and matchup’s led me to a great finish at Liverpool regionals”


  • “Just from the first little meeting you can tell he's a great teacher. He actually explained how to build meta. Looking forward to future sessions to come!!!”

    Talan Hanks

  • “Jespy did a great job with my son Caiden who is a junior. He helped focus Caiden in on being able to deal with and learn from losses. The free introductory session was a really great way to see the chemistry between Caiden and Jespy and we look forward to booking future sessions. Highly recommend at least doing an introductory session and seeing where things go.”


  • “Jesper is great in listening to one’s specific needs and sharing his ideas in a helpful way. He genuinely wants his clients to improve and is a great coach!”


  • Available 1:00 PM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $15


Pokémon TCG

Pokémon TCG

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Live sessions

Here we can get introduced and get to know what you need help with in the Pokémon TCG and discussing potential future coaching sessions. You can only book this type of session once.



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