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Are you a Valorant player looking to improve your gameplay? If so, I am here to help. I offer a variety of coaching packages that cater to different needs and learning styles. Whether you prefer VOD reviews or live coaching sessions, I have the expertise to take your skills to the next level. I work with students/players who have a growth mindset and want to improve their skills. I have a positive and analytical approach to coaching, always seeki... Read more

Testimonials (10)

  • “J answered all my questions and provided me with valuable feedback 10/10.”


  • “JeyG described complicated things in a way I could understand and could easily identify the things holding me back. I feel more able to identify my own problems”


  • “Great first Experience! Felt very comfortable and easy going in going over what you want to work on. Realistic and knowledgeable about the game!”


  • “JeyG really helped me increase my utility usage and their effectiveness. I'm also becoming more knowledgable about the game and how to play it.”


  • “He explains everything with a friendly matter. The notes in the end are very helpful. With those notes I will be able to improve slowly on all my mistakes.”

    William Okhrimenko

  • “jeyg is a really great coach. he does a great job of taking higher level concepts and turning them into mini games to practice to establish fundamentals.”


  • “Jared is an amazing coach and really deep dives on any questions or discussions that come up.”

    Jacob Long

  • Available 8:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $15
  • moderate Cancelation Policy

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7 lessons

Live sessions

I will scrub through the VOD and provide commentary to mistakes that I notice. I may ask questions to help develop understanding or facilitate pattern recognition. Occasionally I will bring up Valoplant or a custom game to show a concept or technique. At the end of the review I will attempt to bring out a few general focus points for offense, defense and general so that you... Read more
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2 15% off
3 - 6 20% off
7+ 40% off


$25.00 USD

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