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I have been playing Professional Tier 1- Tier 2 Valorant since 2020, which has been more than 2 years. My notable teams in my career have been Noble Esports, Immortals, EUnited, and Kansas City Pioneers. Playing the game professionally for two years really made me think about the next chapter of young talent in the valorant scene and I want to help people grow and master their mechanics and understanding the fundamentals. My mindset I wake up t... Read more

  • Available 3:00 PM Sunday
  • Live Sessions starting at $30
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3 lessons

Live sessions

In this lesson I will be spectating you playing the game and giving you Feedback in what aspects of your game that needs to be worked on plus giving you feedback on what aspects you do well, with the goal of mastering your fundamentals of the game.


$30.00 USD

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