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I'm Juanpi, one of the most technically proficient and knowledgeable Palutena players. Best known for being Chag's coach, I have directly helped him level up his results, reaching top 8 at numerous majors with wins over MKLeo, Sparg0, Tweek, Glutonny, Maister, Kola, and more of the world's best. I have been competing for the last 8 years across 4 different smash titles (regionally PRed in Melee, Project M, and Ultimate) and along the way have pic... Read more

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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This lesson is designed for a student who wants to learn one matchup. Do you have a Roy problem? Do you want to be prepared for the Game and Watch in your pool at a big event? My matchup breakdowns are a bite-size crash course of any matchup that you might want to learn, including notes and video examples about the character's strengths and weaknesses.
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