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I have been playing KAY/O since release and have beyond mastered his entire kit to perfection. I am consistently radiant playing with multiple professionals and other content creators and can teach any agent but I specialize at initiators or any agents with flashes. Also not to brag but I think I have some of the best game sense a player can have so I can really help you improve on understanding how to play better with positioning, awareness, and... Read more

Testimonials (3)

  • “Judg is a fantastic coach, he gives really in depth explanations and he goes the extra mile to make sure you understand”


  • “Fast and very kind when sending messaging. VOD reviews are very detailed with a clear path to improving! Would recommend”


  • “It was definitely a fantastic experience with Judgment coaching me in a live game. He gave tons of tips on addressing the issues that I was or was not aware of.”

    Kyle H

  • Available 7:00 PM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $65
  • flexible Cancelation Policy


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2 lessons

Live sessions

I will help you in game find a more comfortable sensitivity (if needed) and watch you play a match out. During the match I let you choose whether you prefer me giving you tips during your rounds or I can let you play out the rounds can give my insight after the round. All of this is recorded and sent back to you in case you need to review the match!


$65.00 USD

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