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First of all, I'm one of the oldest players playing League competitively whilst still maintaining Challenger in every single season that has existed since season 1 (S1 Plat was the highest ranked) so I can definitely say I do know my way around league throughout all the lovely meta's that have passed along. I think if you're serious about winning and wanting to be better, I'm your guy and you would definitely be able to appreciate it after 1 call... Read more

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League of Legends

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This will be a review based upon using a vod of your choice where we can go through it together to see if any improvement can be made or worked on. Can go indepth which will be specialised to you personally about what you can do better or whether the decisions you make in game could be improved upon. Can focus on certain aspects of the game that you think is a weakness (e.g ... Read more
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