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Katy Parry

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As one of the world's most knowledgeable and technically proficient Zelda players, and one of the main contributors to Izaw's "The Art of Zelda" guide, I've pioneered Zelda's metagame. I've introduced new techniques such as Phantom Slide and Farore's Stall. My understanding of the character surpasses most others', and I hope to share my knowledge with my students so that they, too, can find success. By following my fundamental philosophies and ... Read more

Testimonials (7)

  • “I have been taking weekly lessons with Katy for several months now, and I can't recommend them enough! The sheer amount of knowledge they possess about SSBU is truly expert-level. I’ve made incredible progress at this game thanks to Katy, and I’m able to approach difficult matchups with greater understanding. Whether you play Zelda or another character, Katy excels at building your fundamental skills and giving personalized feedback that will supercharge your gameplay. If you’re looking to become a better Smash player, I recommend you book a lesson with Katy immediately!”


  • “KatyxParry is an excellent coach with great communication, helpful advice, game/match-up knowledge and patience. Highly recommend.”


  • “KatyxParry is an incredible coach, teacher, and motivator. They're knowledgeable about the game in general, and especially knowledgeable about Zelda specifically- all the way to frame data, set up situations, etc. Katy is excellent about adapting their lessons to the specific student, and adapts well to meet my needs as I grow as a player. I'm going to continue to work with Katy as I continue to refine my skills, and they're also the best coach I'd had on metafy to date. Katy brings out the best in me as a student, and encourages me in the best ways possible.”


  • “Understanding what moves to use in neutral has helped my Zelda tenfold. My disadvantage has got better too, but I still have some work to do. I've come very close to beating some notable players lately, which before I never felt like I had a chance. I absolutely recommend them!”


  • “Katy Parrys lessons feel super expansive on small areas that I wouldn't think could go into a lot of detail they are also super kind and I would recommend 10/10”


  • “Katy really improved my game overall. I was someone who focused on technical skill before fundamentals. I had a good grasp on what Zelda can do. Katy showed me what I needed to do. I was your average 2-2 player, but after 2 months with Katy, I really improved my gameplan and I am now consistently making top 8 at my locals. Katy has a fantastic grasp of the game. Not only are they a Zelda enthusiast, they have great fundamentals. They will teach you the fundamental rules of the game, and help make sure you stick to said rules. They are very informative while reviewing gameplay footage, are willing to teach you inputs, practice specific tech, and even save or stream the session for you to reference later. Katy will really put your skill to the test, exploit your bad habits, and explain every aspect of the game in grand detail. Katy is a great coach, and I am happy to have them as a resource.”


  • “Katy Parry is a very dedicated, patient and helpful teacher. All the lessons I had with them were wonderful and they were full of advice for me to improve. Their VOD analysis is also very in-depth and insightful. If you want to play Zelda at a higher level, Katy is definitely who you want to go with.”


  • Available 2:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $30
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

4 lessons

Live sessions

In this free live session, we’ll have a brief discussion of your Smash goals. We’ll watch a match you’ve played, and isolate some issues that’s evident in your play. Then we’ll set up future lessons, weekly or bi-weekly.



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