About me: My name is Kieran but most people know me as KayJay or CoachKayJay and I’m a CS:GO coach / analyst from Canada and currently coaching Bad News Eagles. My experience: I’ve been playing CS since mid-2013 with my highest rank being Global. In late 2015 my coaching/analyst career started with my signing to Team Liquid. I attended a few LANs with them but mostly acted as a remote analyst. As an analyst, I worked one on one with the players to develop better habits, work on specific areas of the map that they play, and study new meta-concepts. Ever since Liquid I’ve worked with teams along the lines of TSM (NA), BNE, vVv, RBG, and a handful of NA amateur and semi-pro teams. What I offer that is unique is the knowledge and experience that I gained from working alongside the pros of the game. I’ve worked with a bunch of pros most notably being S1mple, Rigon, EliGE, Twistzz, xQc, Autimatic, and Juanflatroo. What a 1 on 1 coaching session usually involves (but not limited to): - Demo review to better understand where you are at physically AND mentally in the game - Private server or screen sharing to teach concepts and techniques - Coming up with the best training regime tailored to your strengths and weaknesses What a team coaching session usually involves (but not limited to): - Get your team together and we’ll go over a demo pointing out general issues I see - Private server or screen sharing to teach macro and micro concepts and plays - Add a few strategies to complete whatever maps we’re working on If you’re looking to either get better at the game to enjoy it more or have your goals set at going pro, I can help with both. I have experience coaching both pros as well as new people at the game. I can’t wait to hear from you and I’m super excited to start working with you and help you get better at the game we both love, CS:GO. I also have a discord server where I post discord exclusive content and host coaching events with myself and other pros -> https://discord.gg/HNDTqt9sm4

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