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Hey everyone! My name is Leon. I'm the best Bowser player in smash bros, currently ranked #25 on the Orion Rankings. I have won numerous tournaments online and offline, as well as across the US and the world. I'm not the most experienced coach, but I know a lot about Bowser and his match ups. I also have access to plenty of resources for learning about the character and lots of tips for getting better and improving your play. Lets work together!!

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  • Available 9:00 PM Tuesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $20

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

4 lessons

Live sessions

A half hour of Bowser gaming. I'll provide the same insight as I would for an hour session, but for half the time! Recommended for people who are more casual/less intensive about competition, and just want to pick up a few tips from the best.


$20.00 USD

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