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My name is Joe, but friends tend to call me Kwaz so please, call me Kwaz! I'm a top Little Mac player located in Omaha, Nebraska. I've gone up against some of the best in the country and lived to tell the tail. I started playing smash competitively in Smash 4 and have worked my way up to become one of, if not, the best Little Mac in the US right now. If I'm not playing smash, I'm playing some of my other favorite games like Hearthstone, Dokkan Ba... Read more

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

3 lessons

Live sessions

Let's Review! Bring some of your vods and I'll sit with you in Discord as we talk over things that went right and things we can work on to have you going 3-2 in no time!
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3 - 4 25% off
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$20.00 USD