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I'm currently a competitive VALORANT player, and formerly a professional analyst. Throughout 2021 I worked as an analyst for top EMEA teams Acend (ranked as the best EMEA team at the time, playoffs at Masters Berlin), and Rix.GG (a top EU/UK team, who competed in two VCT Challengers main events). Since moving into a playing role I've had some strong placements, such as stage finals at two LANs, and deep runs in online qualifiers. I've coached ... Read more


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The same thing as the one hour session, but with 50% more session o7 A timeslot where I can help work on any aspect of your gameplay in any way that you feel that you'll learn best. If you're unsure of what you want out of a session, I'll happily help set goals throughout a VOD review. Afterwards I'll provide a summary of the notes, and ideas on what to work on between sessi... Read more
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