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My name is Lee (also known as Landy), I am a 20 year old Rocket League player, with 7k hours played whilst also grinding daily, in S2 I hit SSL in 1s. After that, I took a break until S7, which is when I hit GC3 in 2s (1780 MMR peak), I am currently SSL at this moment in time. Right now, I am in a SSL team known as "Death Cloud eSports," and we are currently competing towards the RLCS. Outside of Rocket League I play Football/Soccer for fun, I al... Read more

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  • “Hes a pretty chill guy with alot of experience. Will help u reach what ur looking for. Hes explaining everything in depth and will make sure u understand”

    II Avicy II

  • “amazing coach, he explained everything clearly in a way where me and my team could understand and immediately implement in games. will be booking again!”


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I will go over your Teams 3v3s Replay and go through the Rotation mistakes, decision mistakes and mechanical issues. I will tell you where you all should of been and what the best option would of been in the decision making so next time you are stronger and get past it easier. I will help you all as a Team and help you improve as a 3 to be the best potential Player you can be.


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