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yo yo! My name is Laxxy! I have been competing in VALORANT since the release of the beta back in 2020 and have been ranked as high as 29th in NA on VLR. I have played for teams such as PolarAce, ANEW, and Dallas Vendetta, as well as numerous free agent rosters throught the lifetime of VALORANT. I have been playing FPS games since early 2015 where I fell in love with CSGO. All focus has shifted to VALORANT since its release and I am now wanting to... Read more


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Don't know what to choose? Here we can discuss your personal goals as a player or as a, team, to figure out what package is best for you! Add me on discord so we can discuss future plans together! (if you see this, you will recieve a discount code during this discussion for a future session :D )



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