Hi my name is Lcbrook, I am a professional RLCS coach for the team 'CAM' we reside in the middle east. During this spring split my team attained 2 x top 8 finishes and 1 x top 6 finish in 3 regionals. I am here to offer my coaching guidance and in depth knowledge of the game to help lower level players not only get better mechanically and obtain more game sense but also to make players feel much more confident when playing the game and along the way be able to help them climb the ranks of which they desire. my team that I currently coach are all top 100 players and together we work on if things go wrong lets analyse it, see what happened and what can we do in the future to prevent these mistakes. This game is all about team ability just as much as it is solo ability, and I believe with my knowledge and expertise I can help players achieve their desired goals within rocket league. Look forward to speaking to you guys!

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In depth analysis and replay of your ROCKET LEAGUE GAMEPLAY.

in depth of analysis of your choice of replay; whether that be scrims, 6mans, tournament games, ranked 3s, ranked 1s etc. I am here to fulfil whatever you believe you need help with, see you on the pitch!

1 Session 1 hour
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1 on 1 live coaching or team coaching

2 Sessions 2 hours
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Road to Pro Training Pack

In this training plan, we will cover all the bases for mechanics. I will answer any and all questions you may ask about how to learn certain mechanics + the most important mechanics to focus on for ranking up alongside what mechanics rank on the list of importance in competitive gameplay

2 Sessions 3 hours

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