Hello guys , i am Nestor Tanic better known as LETN1 on CS scene. I am playing Counter Strike for around 20 years now and i wish i had someone to teach me in the past. I know how it looks like to start from a scratch and what it takes to become top tier player and top tier team. Playing professional CS since 2017. Attended Major and a lot A tier tournaments in my career and also won couple of them ( which you can check on the links down or in achievements ). Played almost every role exept Awp but i was secondary awp on ct side. Played for teams CR4ZY , c0ntact , Valiance , iNation.. Best achievements #12 on HLTV World ranking , earning legends stage on major and winning dreamhack rotterdam! I have transitioned to a Coach role in 2021 with team EXTREMUM and continue to coach since then. Last team i coached is team TYLOO for a bit more then a year. I believe with all the experience gathered i will be able to help you to improve very fast. I will FIX your mistakes and give you TIPS how to improve in all areas and aspects of the game. As an ex professional player and now professional head coach i understand the game from both angles and i know exactly what you need to do. Can also help you to improve your overall mentality and work ethics. About coaching you: - First we should have a quick free meeting (~15-30 minutes) to make a plan, to check if we have understanding each other , to find out your level of game at the moment and to set the goals for the areas you would like to improve. - On live sessions we will do a demo review together and go trough each and every round , pointing out your mistakes , making you understand them and giving you solutions to fix them. I believe this is the best way for you to understand your mistakes. You will have 1 hour with me to ask me everything you need , we can also jump on the server and learn tricks , nades and talk trough certain situations or discuss training routines and what should you do to become the best version of yourself! LINKS: https://www.hltv.org/player/4216/letn1 https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/LETN1/Results

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