As the author of "lloD's Guide to Improvement," I have developed a step-by-step approach to reaching the top level of Smash as fast as possible. I firmly believe that anyone has the capability to achieve greatness in this game by following my philosophies. I love teaching and I'll do my best to bring out my students' potentials. As far as credentials go, I've been a high/top-level Peach player in every Smash game, allowing me to reference techniques and strategies of other games when devising my playstyle for Melee. I've pioneered Peach's metagame since Armada's retirement, introducing new techniques such as subfloats and hyperfloats. I've also reinvented several matchups, including being the first Peach to defeat Hungrybox (twice!) in over 10 years. My understanding of the game surpasses most others', and I hope to share my knowledge with my students so that they, too, can find success.


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Peach Deconstructed
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We sat down with two of the greatest Peach mains of all time in Armada and Llod and dove deep into what makes Peach a unique and powerful character in Smash.