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Hey i'm lolzeusrl also known as zeus. I am a SSL 1s player in Rocket League. I have been top 1000 in the world in the 1v1 playlist. I have 2.5k Hours in total with around 1k hours ingame. I have a wide variety of mechanics that i can preform and pretty consistent. I am GC3 in 2v2s and have been 2k in the world in the 2v2 playlist. Here is my current ranks at the time of me typing this I hav... Read more

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In this session we will work on what mechanics you will need to be a higher rank player in either 1s or 2s of your choice. We will go over a replay that you send me and a replay from a game with me (if its 2v2 we will do a casual game, if its 1v1 we will do a 1v1 against me) We will work on positioning, right time to challenge, how to attack, and great ways to defend.


$20.00 USD