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Worked in the LCS for 7 years as a scout, analyst, and position coach Was on Immortals when they had RO/Huni, TL with DL/Xmithie, and FlyQuest for the past 4 years I been playing league for over a decade now and haven't stopped since.

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League Fundamentals

Will give notes done that are in similar quality to that of notes for a pro player. Looking over the individual's opener, laning, trading, and how they play around their team. These notes will give the individual a strong sense of where they are lacking, ways they can adjust, and possible tendencies they didn't notice about themselves.

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Live Gameplay Review

Give similar advice I would while watching a VOD with focus on the individuals early game (laning, trading, openers) and how they move on the map in mid-late + teamfight.

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Team Coaching - Scrims

For a team interested on improving their macro decisions, review flow, and setting goals for the future.

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