I am a Professional Rocket League Player, and Professional Top 4 RLCS Coach. With both my pro player experience and pro coaching experience, I combine both into one view, to create something very few other coaches have!

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Rocket League 1 on 1 coaching

As a professional rocket league player, and coach, I have insights on both views of gameplay. I will find your weak points, and help perfect them, I will show you my thought process from my RLCS experience, and I can play casuals with you if you want.

1 Session 1 hour
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Team coaching session

I will coach your team on their weaknesses, which I will find, and help you guys get on the right path to winning tournaments, and qualifying for RLCS.

1 Session 1 hour
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4 Lessons over a month

I will coach you 4 times spread out throughout a month, tracking your progress, and making sure youre on the right path. I will help you progress on your weak points, and make sure to maintain progress throughout every session.

4 Sessions 4 hours

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