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Have you ever wondered what smurfs know that you don’t? Do you want to learn the secret techniques pros use to carry games, no matter how bad their teammates are? Maybe you’re simply feeling anxious to queue ranked because you’re inconsistent and don't know how to improve? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I'm m1sfit a Pro VAL player and qualified teacher from EU. I am confident I can help you improve no matter your skill level and tog... Read more

Testimonials (8)

  • “Bought the Pro-Bundle. M1sfit is incredibly knowledgable with gameplay, mechanics, & strategy. I’m already seeing a ton of improvement. Highly recommend!”


  • “Very insightful towards my mistakes, and is happy to help teach all aspects of the game”


  • “he was incredibly nice and kind. pionted at some aim stuff i needed to do and movements. I learnt so much”


  • “He helped point out many significant flaws in my gameplay and gave me some great advice on how to fix them.”

    Ethan Weber

  • “Great live coaching, was able to accurately assess problems I was having and provide insight on what we discussed before the session!”


  • “Really patient and thorough in his feedback. Highlighted a lot of my technical and macro level errors and provided helpful steps to work on improving my game.”


  • “m1sftis been a super nice and helpful coach, even after the first session. He gave me live callouts, which led to my confidence being boosted and me performing better. After the match he gave me a quick rundown and told me on what I should work on. Excited for the next lessons!”


  • Available 4:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $20
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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