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Outside of Digimon I'm a self-employed entrepreneur. When I'm not working I'm playing games and having fun. I'm a cool guy to hang out with. If you sign up for my coaching, I will teach you the practices that have helped me see success in the Digimon TCG. I can teach you to build decks to counter the meta, or be the meta. I can teach you how to play the game properly by showing how I approach each game, from start to finish. We can also discuss h... Read more

Testimonials (6)

  • “Coaching is top tier; tier 0 I would say. Most definitely worth it. Whatever questions you have he will have the answer”


  • “Mario KNOWS the Digimon Card Game at really high competitive level that WILL help you improve. After few sessions, I went from a Top 25% to Top 20% Regional.”


  • “Mario really helped me understand how effects resolve and how tricky situations would work. Totally recommended!!”


  • “We went over what I would expect to see in regionals, and gave me tips on how to control the tempo of the game in my favor. Highly recommended”


  • “Mario takes the time to understand tech choices and keeps notes on plays and how to do them better”


  • “Great guy; very informative, and extremely knowledgeable. You won’t fine a better coach. Highly recommend!”

  • Available 10:00 PM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $30

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Digimon TCG

Digimon TCG

3 lessons

Live sessions

Test whatever deck you want against whatever you want me to play. We’ll go through optimal strategies, tech cards to help, and more.


$30.00 USD