Hi, I am Jiseok Lee a.k.a. MeLuCa. I have been playing competitive Pokémon since post-Worlds 2015. I have won Korean National in 2016, made it to the finals of the Players Cup in 2020, and won the San Diego Regional in 2023. I also have finished several ranked battle seasons and online competitions within Top 10 of the final ranking, including 3 #1 finishes. Because I am primarily a ladder player, my approach to competitive Pokémon is a bit unique when compared to other VGC players who are competing in the official circuit. I place relatively heavier weights on teambuilding and Bo1 (and Closed Team Sheets) ladder practice than other VGC players. Even when I prepare for a Bo3 Open Team Sheets tournament, I take ladder practice to be my primary source of feedbacks and translate it into Bo3 preparation. Slightly unorthodox, but I think that the results suggest that this approach is working. My general aim in coaching is to help you get prepared for a specific tournament or a ranked battle season, whether it be Bo1, Bo3, Open Team Sheets, Closed Team Sheets, online, or in-person. My more ambitious aim in coaching is to convey my upper-mentioned methodology and approach to competitive Pokémon to you by using each session as a case study. Therefore, if this style of approach to competitive Pokémon sounds like yours, or if you just want to try it out, don't hesitate! My social media are open, and I also provide free consultation sessions, so please feel free to be in contact with me if you have any questions or concerns regarding coaching! 이 페이지를 한글로 옮겨서 블로그에 정리해두었으니 한국분들은 그 쪽을 참고바랍니다: https://blog.naver.com/madaegislash/223088274939

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