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I have competed in Valorant since release until very recently and have been on many different successful tier 2 rosters playing duelist and a little bit of sentinel (Phoenix1 #12 NA) (Noble #15 NA) (Bait Academy #22 NA) (Virtuoso #21 NA). I have also been radiant every act except for a few since beta. I can very easily diagnose problems with your gameplay, and give you a guide on how to improve (Note: any coaching scheduled on wednesday will be o... Read more

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3 lessons

Live sessions

Once you send me a vod of your gameplay we will go into a call together and just like the live sessions diagnose any problems you may have and how to work on them in the future. The benefits of the replay review are things can be done much quicker allowing for more time to talk about how to fix the problems or server work.
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$19.50 USD