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I have played Overwatch since 2019 where I pursued the path to pro for around 2-3 years, after that I decided to retire and focus on something else, but recently in February I decided to pursue coaching in Overwatch, and so far it has been going really well. Where I currently coach top level players in overwatch league within Team sweden and also players pursuing the path to pro within Contenders.

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Meta Overview

This is a session where we will go through the Meta together and i'll give you a quick rundown on what the strongest options are on each map

1 Session 2 hours
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A 1on1 session where we go through live gameplay/ Vod review where after you will be provided with a document filled with your bad habits and mistakes, but also ways to move forward on how to improve on them alone and with a coach.

1 Session 1.5 hours
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Mechanical Practice

This Session is fully about how to practice ur mechanics on every stage, from ability usage to aim ETC, as we will also communicate more through Discord

1 Session 1 hour
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Team Coaching

This is for individuals who would like for me to coach their team in a Scrim and afterwards go through the steps towards improvement

1 Session 2 hours
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1 week training course

This is a 1 week course where we have sessions throughout the week. every other day we sit down and have VOD reviews, live sessions and go through your progress. We will also have direct contact through discord aswell!

2 Sessions 2 hours

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