Smash Ultimate Player and Coach



Hello! I'm a professional Smash Ultimate player and also one of the best Pac-Man players in the US. I started playing Smash competitively when Smash for Wii U was released and I've continued to do so with Ultimate. One of my goals is to share my knowledge with other players and to help them improve. I am able to help any players who are looking to improve their own general gameplay or if they're a fellow Pac-Man main looking to get better with h... Read more

  • Available 10:00 PM Monday
  • Live Sessions starting at $10


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

6 lessons

Live sessions

A serious set where whoever gets to 10 wins first takes it all. Feel free to ask questions anytime! Being in a Discord call is up to you. :)


$10.00 USD