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Hi, my name’s Denny and my IGN is mistake. After 18 years in NA playing countless FPS games, I moved to Seoul, South Korea to be with my family and have been living and playing games since. Despite the distance and ping, I like queuing Valorant NA servers and reached Immortal, while I’m radiant on Korean and Asia servers. I stream on twitch sometimes and am also on an amateur Korean Valorant team. I've gained countless amounts of experience playi... Read more

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2 lessons

Live sessions

I will watch you play a live session of ranked over discord or past VOD and I will apply my knowledge to help guide you. Depending on the person I can talk between rounds, during the round or after the whole game. I will take notes of the positives in your gameplay and pinpoint the negatives in order to create a custom made improvement plan .
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$30.00 USD

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