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The better the player, the stronger their knowledge and understanding of the game is. The better the teacher, the more skilled they are at transferring it to you. I believe it takes proficiency in both to be an effective coach. Everyone here wants to improve and learn; but not everyone improves or learns the same way. I’ve coached over 320+ students of varying ranks, helping them reach their rank goals as far as GM or to just have a better unde... Read more

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Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics

10 lessons

Live sessions

It’s hard to play at 100% while someone is coaching or even talking to you. That’s why I planned a well-rounded session consisting of a live game followed by a post-game analysis afterwards. During the game I will hear your thinking and reasoning for the plays you make. I will answer any questions and give advice during the game but I will not backseat you unless directly reque... Read more
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$18.00 USD

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