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Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
1 Session 1 hour $7

The secret to improving at anything is identifying your mistakes. For that there is no method better than a VOD review! Sit with a Challenger player and go through your gameplay together to identify mistakes you wouldn't have caught and learn to properly navigate through them in the future. We will review: ∘ How you played your Stage 1 & 2 ∘ If levelling there was correct ∘ Do we hold those units or make econ? ∘ Where we stable? How do I know? ∘ When to roll and why ∘ What could we have played? What should we have played? ∘ When and how to "Pivot" ∘ How could we have gotten a higher placement ∘ How to cap out properly ∘ ... and any other questions you may have! ~

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