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Been grinding Apex for 4 years. I will show you how to use basic tactics to win your fights and help you work on your movement, recoil control and how to rotate properly from positions that feel like disadvantages. By the time we are done my goal is to have you boosted with confidence in your own fighting skill and to improve your gameplay experiences.

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Weekly Exclusive Bundle

With this weekly bundle I will play with you for 2 hours a day for a week. Includes: Gameplay Reviews , Movement and Aim Training, Tips of knowledge on Ranked and Solo Queueing. Also Helping with tips to grow your socials and edit formats I've used on a few viral videos

1 Session 2 hours
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1v1( 1 on 1 movement and aim training )

I will show you simple techniques on how to take advantage of your opponents and win more consistent 1v1s. Ill full send with everything I got to show you how I do things.

1 Session 1 hour
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Reviewing gameplay and movement techniques

Going through my gameplay and showing you techniques I do and showing you how you can improve with aim and movement by watching your own clips and then comparing to mine.

1 Session 2 hours

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