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Hi! I'm Moose and i'm a Professional Rocket League coach with: - 2000+ hours of coaching experience - Coached players such as OSM, JZR, Fusure, Krazack, Pethy, Zee9 and more - Coached ranked players up as high as 2200 mmr - Pre Metafy GamersRdy coach with 100+ 5 star reviews - I coach every platform, every region and every rank **Add me on Discord (MooseTDI#6467 if you have any questions** While most of you will have never heard of me, well... Read more


  • Available 1:00 PM Monday
  • Live Sessions starting at $30
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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Rocket League

Rocket League

2 lessons

Live sessions

What do we cover in live sessions? - Introduction - covering the basics and structuring our unique coaching experience - Settings - We'll be looking at your camera, controller, PC/Console settings and adjusting them if need to be make sure you are competing on all optimal settings. - Playing some games - We'll 1v1 to see how you perform and what your strengths and weaknesse... Read more
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$30.00 USD

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