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MoS | Trixx has coached over 1200 Students since the Launch of Smash Ultimate. He is a dedicated content creator and founder of the Meta Of Smash Youtube which showcases over 1000 videos of in-depth Smash Ultimate guides and live coaching sessions!

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  • Live Sessions starting at $40
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

7 lessons

Live sessions

In these sessions, I would teach you everything you need to know about professional content creation in the gaming space. We would go over setting up your YouTube channel, coming up with video ideas, how to create effective thumbnails and titles, how to do voiceovers and edit your videos, logo design, marketing, and setting up a proper schedule for your content.
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2 10% off
3 15% off
4+ 20% off


$100.00 USD
Rushdown Revolt

Rushdown Revolt

2 lessons

Live sessions