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You may have seen me on my YouTube, MrDanishButterCookie. I've played Smash Bros. since the Nintendo 64 version, and have always had a strong drive and vast knowledge of the game. With my help, I'm confident I can make you a better player, and you'll look cool while doing it! There are no bad questions, and all skill levels are welcome. I guarantee that sessions with me will be insightful, one way or another! If you'd like to see my gameplay, ... Read more

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  • Available 2:00 AM Wednesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $30

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

4 lessons

Live sessions

In this session, we will establish a curriculum that best suits your aspirations, as well as confirm what is necessary for you to improve. This will typically be segmented, with parts of discussion, 1v1 gameplay with me, and active tutorials. This will involve general knowledge from characters and matchups, to theoretical discussions. I'm confident that this session will be ins... Read more


$48.00 USD

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