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I've been competing in Super Smash Bros tournaments for 9 years beginning in Brawl. I've stuck with my main of Olimar through 3 titles so far and have acquired quite a strong understanding of him and the games he's in. With wins on players like Marss, Zackray, Light, Shuton, and many more I can guarantee I can help you improve as well. I focus on interaction based coaching to help break down why certain scenarios go the way to do and how to reco... Read more

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  • “Extremely informative. Helped me conceptualize not only my issues, but how I can approach the game moving forward. Will be back. Amazing pricing as well.”


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

6 lessons

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Want to test your skill vs a pro and see how it goes? This first to 5 is a easy way to gauge where you're at currently. I also provide commentary during/after the set in a discord call to give some immediate pointers.


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