Yo yo yo! I've been competing professionally in Smash since 2009, damn time flew by. My achievements are among some of the most accomplished in the scene including my Evo 2022 win! My passion for teaching is unmatched, and I'd love to be a part of your journey. I have the resume to back my skill up & I can teach you how to be as good as I have for so long. Try booking me and find out for yourself =)


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Undercover Coaching
2 Episodess 26m

In this 6-episode series, pro Ultimate player, Cosmos, will book sessions with the best Ultimate players on Metafy and pretend to be completely inexperienced. Using a voice changer to throw them off, Cosmos will eventually start tryharding, leading to great comedic moments. Will they figure him out?

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Lights Out
24 Episodess 17h 53m

Smash legends Light, Cosmos, and EE bring you your weekly dose of hilarity and insight into the wild world of gaming.

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