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Hey, my name is Clément, known as Nalkya, I've started playing League of Legends in season 2 with some friends when Nocturne came out and never stopped until now. After enjoying the game for so many years, I wanted to share my passion about it with other people so I started doing coaching for fun in S9 while doing my Fitness Coach studies. At some point, I had to stop to focus on my job; Gotta earn some money to live ! With COVID, I wasn't able... Read more

  • Available 8:00 AM Thursday
  • Live Sessions starting at $20

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League of Legends

League of Legends

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This coaching session is made both for people already working as a coach/analyst looking to improve or for some feedback & for newcomers wanting to know where to start to become a coach. The session can be really different from person to person, the best is for you to DM me on Discord #Nalkya9487 and tell me what you're looking for so that I figure what's the best for you.


$45.00 USD

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