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I've been competing since I was 13 and started playing professionally at 15, Playing at the highest levels, understanding what it takes to reach the top while also knowing how to handle failures and what obstacles to expect. Be confident in knowing I will put all my effort into helping you pinpoint your mistakes, help you adapt, and create the necessary steps to improve, whether that's in a team environment and you're trying to become a pro, or y... Read more

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3 lessons

Live sessions

Live 1on1 sessions can vary from, 1. Watching a VOD of your choosing and reviewing it together, whether it's a team match or ranked. 2. Talking about what you want to gain from these individual lessons and going in-depth in the server about game theory and agent-specific plays and setups. 3. Watching you play live and giving you quick feedback on what you can improve in your g... Read more


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