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Hey, I'm Nias, a 23 years old professional League of Legends coach. I started coaching back in late 2020 after getting approached by some semi-pro-level players about tips on Rakan. Then I got more and more into the professional scene and have now successfully coached a World champion, several former LCK players, and former/current LEC players. Some examples are Haru, Chasy, Tempt, Kasing, Attila, and plenty more. I am also one of a few Europea... Read more

  • Available 9:00 AM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $20

Training Plans


League of Legends

League of Legends

4 lessons

Live sessions

Together we will review a game that you have played from your own POV. Make sure that you have a POV replay uploaded to youtube/have a twitch VOD. We will cover your OPGG buildpaths runes goals etc. Try to have a VOD ready that is not a stomp or ends early. Try to look for a VOD where you are not really sure how you fell behind/why you could not carry the game.


$30.00 USD