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I'm 22 years old and i love games especially Rocket League, I'm here to inform u that I'm new at this coaching but however i have 6 years of experience on this game and i would like to take some of my time to help others. With all these sessions we are going to take our time and learn properly. In addition, if you would like to see some of my work put into place then click this link and will take you to my latest montage and you can see how goo... Read more

Testimonials (4)

  • “He was very chill and had a lot of experience, he showed me the basics and showed me how to change when i was doing things wrong, he showed me some things of how it would look if it was perfect and we worked towards that and i started getting consistent at the end”


  • “brilliant session fell like i have learned a lot from the short time i played basic understanding of the game is thoroughly understood”

  • “This coaching experience was my first time. I have learnt skills to make my friends sweat and not mess around with me again. I will continue with these coaching lessons as Nixus Rize has it going on! He knows how to flip reset, musty flick, tornado airolls and much more Nixus Rise is in grand champ!”

    Oliver Grogan

  • “It was really fun and it was good for me because I got more experience with nf rotations and positions which he helped me alot and now I understand it alot better. It was also just a good experience to play with one of the best noflipper and I am probably gonna book again soon :D”


  • Available 9:00 AM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $8

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So with this session we will be going through the basics of noflipping and adapting that knowledge into the game.
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